Our candidates must pass these mandatory steps to be considered for further match

  1. Application Submission
    The applicant fills out an application and reads the contracts provided by the agency.
  2. Initial Interview
    During the initial interview, the client is assessed on the basis of the first impression, demeanor, and overall professionalism. It is important to see the changes, if any, that occur during the whole process.
  3. Credibility Check
    Based on the previously filled out application, Nanny Domestic Placement Agency veteran personnel checks the following:

    • References checked and former employment verified (minimum of 2 employers)
    • Extensive criminal background investigation
    • Sex Offender Search
    • Verification of Social Security Number as well as another form of legal identification
    • Motor vehicle records check (5 years)
    • Highest level of education verified
  4. Official Interview
    After a successful third step, the applicant is scheduled for an official interview.  A highly skilled agent will interview the candidate to asses dispositions, professionalism, and personality traits to go along with the factual application.
  5. Final Evaluation
    A review of all information is conducted and only those who did extremely well are considered for the job.  The standards are set high even if it means ending up with one or two candidates.
  6. The Final Interview - To Be or Not to Be
    Now it is out of the agency's hands.  It is your turn to pick, according to your personal standards the best, the most suited, the most trustworthy applicant out of the top few that Nanny Placement Agency provided.

NOTE: For long-term personnel staff placement client’s request at an additional cost: 5-panel drug/health screening.  Similarly, we will gladly cooperate to facilitate any professional development requested by the family.

Nanny Domestic Placement Agency is very confident in its services and customer satisfaction.  We provide a free replacement within the first six months of the hire date, should any problems arise.  In those rare cases, all replacements were fulfilled expediently and all parties involved are happy with the services provided by the agency. Please see our testimonial section on our home page from just a few of our large pool of happy clients.