Find a Nanny, Part-time Nanny, Temporary Nanny, Emergency Nanny, Summer Nanny, Share-A-Nanny, Babysitter, and more with us.

Nanny Domestic Placement Agency is committed to helping you find the best nanny in the Dallas Fort Worth area. The process of looking for a baby sitter in the metroplex area is very involving and time-consuming. If you need the regular schedule of a nanny or need flexibility and on-call services of any kind, we are happy to find a nanny or a babysitter and send this carefully screened experienced candidate. We understand that inviting a stranger to your home might make you feel uneasy. Above all, it is especially daunting trusting a stranger to care for your most valued and prized possessions: your children.

We want to make sure that the candidate who rings your doorbell is qualified and trustworthy.

Our award-winning for excellent service agency has a rigorous screening process. Furthermore, our careful and detailed screening process is mandatory. The process starts with an initial interview and is followed by application submission. Next, we perform a credibility check which may lead to an official interview and final evaluation. During the credibility check we focus on the following items:

  • employment record,
  • references validation,
  • driving record,
  • criminal record,
  • education level, and
  • special training (such as CPR trained, Certified Nurses training, etc.).