To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Jennifer Pratt. My husband, Jeff and I have two delightful daughters, now 21 and 19. Over the course of their young life, our family had three Nannies who greatly assisted Jeff and I in raising the girls. All of these Nannies were hired from Alicja at Globe Domestic Nanny Personnel. Alicja took a very personal interest in finding just the perfect Nanny each time our current Nanny made a transition. All three Nannies worked for us for several years, both in our home and in our office. We loved all three of them very much. Alicja is excellent to work with. She is professional, caring and careful in her screening process, both for the prospective family and for the benefit of the prospective Nanny. I highly recommend Alicja for the placement of your Nanny. I have, over the years, referred many of my associates and a family member to Alicja and she has been successful in placing them with Nannies. Never have I heard anything but praises for Alicja and Globe Domestic Nanny Personnel.

Please feel free to contact me at 817-360-6726. I will look forward to speaking to you about Alicja and the Nannies she placed with us!

Blessings, Jennifer Pratt